I need help right now, where do I go?

If you have been thinking about a plan or have a plan in place, you should call the emergency services immediately on 999. Ideally, you shouldn’t be alone, try to contact someone who can be with you while you wait. If you can’t then try the numbers at the bottom of this page.

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Client FAQs

FAQs | Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

At Arthur Ellis, we aim to have contacted you within 1 week of your referral, and to have your checkin session within 2. This means that within 2 weeks, we will have you working with one of our trained mentors to get you back on track.

Arthur Ellis has trained mentors that can help you through a variety of problems, no matter how big or how small. If you are unsure as to whether our services will be of use to you, please feel free to get in touch at justask@arthurellismhs.com and we can give you a ring back.

If you are between 8 and 25 years old, one session costs £25. If you are 26+, sessions are £36. This is to help contribute to the administration of our children’s sessions. However, there are many ways Arthur Ellis may already be working in your community that could help you access our services for free or at a discounted price. We are able to accommodate complicated financial situations and are happy to discuss ways in which we can get you the support you need. Please get in contact to see how we can help.

Arthur Ellis is changing the way we view mental well-being. Here are some ideas of how you can contribute to our movement:

  • Follow us on social media and spread our message
  • Introduce whole workplace wellness to your employer
  • Mention our referral service to your GP
  • Establish our services in your place of work
  • Implement mental health support in your school
  • Get in touch about sponsoring our services
  • Offer your services to help us grow
  • Donate a box of resources to a child with support

We do not diagnose mental health conditions. We can help you through the diagnosis process with the NHS but we will focus on supporting you with the symptoms or behaviours that you are currently experiencing regardless of labels. To put it plainly, if you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, we will figure out ways to get you out of bed, rather than what condition makes you not want to get out of bed. This may include delving into reasons why these behaviours exist, but our focus is on managing symptoms rather than diagnosis.

We don’t have a waiting list at Arthur Ellis. Our team get together every week to onboard any referrals from the previous week. Granted that communication is swift, we aim to get you in a session in as little as two weeks from referral.

We know that diagnosed neurological conditions come with their fair share of mental health and wellbeing issues, which is why we have specialist SEND trained Mentors to help you manage symptoms and behaviours that come along with Autism, ADHD and more.

If you have spoken to your GP, School or Employer, it can sometimes take time for them to submit the referral to us. When they have, you will be contacted within two weeks. If it has been longer than 3 weeks and you know that your referral has been submitted, please get in contact using our websites form and we can check to see if your referral has come through. Please bare in mind, that any mistakes in entering contact information in your initial referral will prevent us from being able to get in contact with you.

Very. We pride ourselves on giving a high quality but also, a very confidential service. Our Mentors work independently and are not call-centre based; no one will be listening in to your sessions, at all. We also encourage you to find a safe space where you feel you can talk freely. Sometimes, parents will accompany very young children to sessions if it makes them feel more comfortable, but this is always something that’s mutually agreed. Adults are encouraged to attend alone where we provide a safe space to talk. No recoding is permitted by either party during the sessions.

We completely understand this feeling. Talking openly in this way is often a new experience. Our Mentors are trained in helping you to open up and also accept that this can take time; we don’t expect you to be ready to tell us everything on day one. We are however committed to working on this with you over time, and ensure your comfortability and trust grows from session to session.

Face to face is only available on a basis of needs, we are a predominantly online service. Without a present need, we would need to go ahead with the Pre-Assessment first before making this decision. Let us know if this were something you would prefer in the pre-assessment, and we can discuss whether it will be suitable or possible.
We cannot asses or diagnose for ASD or ADHD. However, we do have links with a private referral clinic that can. If this is something you would like provided by the NHS, you will need a referral from a GP. It is also worth speaking to a SENDCO at a school if applicable as they often know and understand the best ways to navigate assessments. We are more than happy to support you through the process and provide coping solutions and practical management mechanisms through Mentoring.
We are always happy to provide more sessions to those who need them. Speak to us or your mentor and explain why. We can request these from the GP or from school, but it may be a case of needing to self-fund.
We work with organisations, schools and GPs across Milton Keynes and further. You may be able to access our service through them. You can ask at the organisation itself or send us an email with your organisations name and we can check our provisions. If we do not currently work with your school, GP or organisation, you may be able to contact the relevant person to install our service there. Get in touch and we can give you any information you may need, along with contact details within Arthur Ellis to get the ball rolling.
This is not a problem, but it may require a new referral from school, GP or self-referral. Get in touch and we can let you know if your previous Mentor is available, and if you are able to continue your sessions through your organisation. I have a problem with my bill/invoice, where do I go? If you are unsure about your invoice, let us know and a member of the finance team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Don’t worry, this can happen! Email us and we will be able to send you through the link you need. However, all our Mentor’s email signatures should contain their unique whereby link which will take you to the correct place for your session. If you have any concerns, please email us!
The only information we can share is around safeguarding. If there is something your child has asked us to share with you then we will do so, but it is important for your child to feel they have a safe space where they can talk freely.
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