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Mental Health is everyone’s biggest asset

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How we help…

Corporate Support

Our IMPROVE Programme designed for business

For business

Our 1:1 service, accessible to everyone

For individuals
Public Sector

Mental health in schools, colleges and universities

For education

We understand the challenge of Mental Health

There is another way…

We know first hand how difficult mental health challenges can be, it doesn’t discriminate, and it comes in so many forms.

We also know that with the rise in awareness and as stigma breaks down, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access services that provide meaningful support whether you are in business, education or if it’s personal.

This is why we have developed our IMPROVE programme, to progressively improve the behaviours that eventually eliminate mental health problems.

For You – we want to be able help as many people as possible through our Social Enterprise. Every business we work with allows us to provide 1:1 support to children, young people and adults. Find out more about our 1:1 service HERE.

For Education – we work with schools to ensure they are being supported through our Social Enterprise. Find out about getting 1:1 support for your school HERE.

For Business – we have to make our people a priority and with that comes truly understanding the importance of mental wellness. It’s no longer good enough to have a reactive approach which is really just firefighting…

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Why we care…

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To support the development and running of our non-profit 1:1 children and young people referral service, we are so proud to be partnered with Imogen Sheeran who creates beautiful, hand-made jewellery for our cause.

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