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Arthur Ellis

Jon Manning started Arthur Ellis in 2017 naming it after his Grandfathers. Arthur Manning and Ellis Graham. Ellis suffered with Schizoaffective Disorder. Without anyone knowing how to deal with this enduring illness, Ellis deteriorated to the degree where he sadly spent most of his life in hospital.

When he was 26, Jon was diagnosed with Bipolar following a 20-year battle trying to get support for his illness. He was passed from service to service, not being able to receive the right, meaningful support in his personal or professional life. Not because people didn’t want to help but they didn’t know how!

The vision had begun.

“We HAVE to know what to do if someone is experiencing issues with their mental health. We need to learn the tools and strategies to recover from an early age so we can recover independently, without the need for a referral to kick in or for us to get bad enough that we need one in the first place!.”

This began our movement, to help the nation become #IndependentFromIllness.

We do this by training people in identifying the signs of mental health issues and providing them with practical, evidence-based tools which will help them cope with, recover from or manage anything they may experience.

The unique, fun and interactive way in which we train quickly gained recognition, granting us a variety of Awards.

It didn’t take long until we were training businesses, schools, colleges, universities and public organisations in 13 areas across the UK which allowed us to set up our Social Enterprise for Children and Young People.

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