Arthur Ellis was founded on Family.

In 2017, our founder, Jon Manning, created the movement inspired by his two grandfathers, Arthur Manning and Ellis Graham. Ellis suffered from schizoaffective disorder and without both meaningful and timely treatment was left to deteriorate to a dependent state and sadly spent most of his life in hospital.

After experiencing some trauma in childhood and being misdiagnosed with depression for almost a decade, Jon was impassioned to make accessing mental health support easy; to create a culture where people are given the skills to recognise pre-symptomatic changes and be empowered to better themselves before they ever reach a point of being diagnosed with an illness.

“If we are recognising symptoms, by definition, people are already sick.”

Jon Manning

Founder & CEO (DSL)

Rita is one of our most experienced practitioners. She absolutely LOVES all things cats; she has one of her own called Luckie. She is one of the leaders of Arthur Ellis, overseeing our Mentoring service but she still really enjoys supporting people 1:1. She has been working in Psychology for 30 years, helping her to gain a background of working with people of all ages and supporting a variety of issues.

Rita Mistry

Director of Psychological Services (DSL)

Heather is our resident book worm. She has a degree in English Literature and loves to spend her spare time reading under a blanket. Then, on to her next hobby – sleep! Heather also like to spend time outside, gardening and going for park runs which helps her take care of her mental health, too.

Heather Horner

Head of Operations

Mariya Silvester

CASCO (Client And Safeguarding Coordinator)

Josie is an enthusiastic computer nerd. She is a part time animal keeper at a sanctuary for zoo rejects and exotic pets where her favourite client is an alligator who was absurdly mistaken for a gecko. She is a mental health advocate and loves working with such an incredible charity.

Josie Proto

Marketing Executive

Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

Our Mentors

In another life David would have wanted to be an astronaut… he adores live music, the cinema, and good sleep! He is passionate about offering a warm, safe, and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours…..all at your own pace.

David Ballantine

Mental Health Mentor

Maria is from Medellin, Colombia. She is studying her master’s degree in King’s College London. She has been working in Psychology for over 5 years, mostly with children, adolescents and young adults, supporting a variety of issues.

Maria Cardona

Mental Health Mentor

My name is Cathy and I have 2 fish called Cherry and Princess. I have experience supporting 11–18-year-olds with their wellbeing and am currently working towards a counselling qualification. I understand it can be difficult to open up about feelings and my aim is to create a clam and safe environment you feel comfortable in.

Cathy Puffet

Mental Health Mentor

Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

Tara loves travelling and being outside. Her favourite place she has travelled to is Malaysia. She has studied psychology and mental health for 4 years at university and has worked with a community mental health team and children with special needs. She enjoys working with Arthur Ellis to support individuals in learning new strategies to improve their mental wellbeing.

Tara Hammersley

Mental Health Mentor

Yixuan loves reading, gaming, rock music and anything cat-related.  She is passionate about working in the field of mental health and is experienced in providing support for people with a range of complex mental health issues.  She delivered 1:1 and group interventions to clients with psychosis within NHS.  She will provide individual-tailored strategies when working with people experiencing difficulties and help to build resilience in life.

Yixuan Sun

Mental Health Mentor

Irena is one of our mentors who also has experience in Management, Finance and other fields. Since 2017 she has been working, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other techniques in order to achieve desired outcomes. Her interests are in human behaviours, healthy eating, herbal remedies and energy healing.

Irena Buinauskaite

Mental Health Mentor

Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

Marlene has a background in Sociology and Psychology, as well as both personal and professional experience with various mental health services. She has always enjoyed having long meaningful conversations. Marlene can typically be found on the sofa with a book in one hand and a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the other. She hopes to be able to have a dog also snuggled up on the sofa with her in the not-too-distant future. Marlene looks forward to getting to know you.

Marlene Bruvoll

Mental Health Mentor

Sabina joined the Arthur Ellis family as a Mental Health Mentor. She was born in Romania, but raised in Italy where she studied Psychology. Recently she has moved to the United Kingdom where she is doing her MSc. She loves cheese, reading, writing and having long walks in the park with her dog, Sunday.

Sabina Lucas

Mental Health Mentor

Rocksana has been working in education for a decade now and has worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, with her main interest being in Mental Health and Wellbeing.
Rocksana’s hobbies include: cooking, swimming, and writing poetry – she finds writing very therapeutic. She would love to encourage others to express themselves through writing too! She is the youngest of 9 siblings, so has a lot of experience in mediation and adapting to different personalities.

Rocksana Begum

Mental Health Mentor

Hanagh has a silent G in her name! Her pronouns are She/Her. Hanagh is very creative and loves to paint, she often uses creativity in her sessions and is qualified as an advanced Drawing and Talking Therapy Practitioner. Hanagh has a new English springer spaniel puppy called Loki, he is named after her love of the Marvel universe. Loki is very mischievous as his name suggests.

Hanagh Little

Mental Health Mentor

Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

Sarah is a mentor with extensive experience of working with children and young people. She loves being outdoors exploring the local countryside and visiting the coast whenever possible. Sarah has a background of over 20 years in Secondary Education specialising in inclusivity. She enjoys talking to young people and helping them to gain confidence in all aspects of life.

Sarah Burton

Mental Health Mentor

Arthur Ellis | Bringing Value Back to Life

Yvonne has been a Mentor with Arthur Ellis MHS since it began. She loves all things creative and spends as much time as she can outdoors.  Walking or tending her garden and allotment are her most favourite past times. After working in education for over 30 years, Yvonne retired from teaching.  She has since dedicated her wealth of experience to help and support young people and their families.

Yvonne Manning

Mental Health Mentor

Richard Gregory

Mental Health Mentor

What is a mental health mentor?


Supervising Mentors

We employ mental health professionals of all different disciplines, to align both our clients and Mentor for the best possible outcome.

Our Mentors have backgrounds in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Abuse Support or SEND and go through a Safer Recruitment process so that we can thoroughly check their qualifications and backgrounds.

Every Mentor has an enhanced DBS check and Safeguarding Training as well as our extensive Arthur Ellis training course, that aligns their practice methods with our techniques.

These requirements ensure that our professionals are equipped to work with any person who requires our services.

Our Supervising Mentors are accredited with the Association of Psychological Therapies in Providing Good Clinical Supervision.

Alongside our trained Mentors, we have Designated Safeguarding Leads, who are equipped to deal with and escalate a number of situations and circumstances, and our Mentor Supervisors independently assess our Mentors’ work and offer guidance and support through each referral.

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