As part of our ongoing work to subsidise children’s mental health support, our online learning platform is a new project that aims to build income for Arthur Ellis whilst solving a problem that has been specifically brought to us by the NHS.

Often, people don’t feel the need to receive support because they feel they are ‘not bad enough’ for therapy or one to one sessions. This often leads to a spiral and results in the individual requiring more intervention further down the line. In an effort to build preventative healthcare, we have come up with a solution for those individuals who need support but don’t feel they need one-to-one services yet. Our online learning platform provides people with somewhere to go, information and support without committing to sessions.

Our platform provides users with access to the tools, resources and information that they would receive within a session. Without working with a Mentor, users will miss out on the bespoke and personal approach that can be taken to learning, however, we feel it is important to not to gate-keep the methods of improving your mental health, especially when some resources are easy to learn and practice on your own.

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