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Arthur Ellis

The UK is in a mental health crisis. It is becoming more and more difficult to access mental health services and in some cases, just to see a GP.

With thresholds to access these specialist services increasing, more and more people are unable to learn what they need to do to recover, manage or cope with their experience of mental ill health.

Nationally, 75% of children are currently unable to access mental health services because they don’t meet these thresholds. This equates to over 110,000 not receiving support in 2018. This has to change.

Arthur Ellis is helping the nation become #IndependentFromIllness. We are a training and 1:1 support organisation that believes everyone should be taught how to recover, manage or cope with mental ill health. By teaching children, young people or adults simple tools, strategies and techniques to practically support themselves and others, we can be less reliant on that referral, that Doctor or Clinician to begin working on our recovery, get better and even thrive.

Jon Manning started Arthur Ellis in 2017, naming this movement after his Grandfathers. Arthur Manning and Ellis Graham. Ellis suffered with Schizoaffective Disorder. Without anyone knowing how to deal with this enduring illness, Ellis deteriorated to the degree where he sadly spent most of his life in hospital.

After Jon suffered with a mental illness for 20 years without being able to access meaningful support, he decided to set up Arthur Ellis to change the way we see and support mental health. To ensure that we create a culture where if someone is experiencing any difficulties, we individually have the knowledge to practically help.

“We HAVE to know what to do if someone is experiencing issues with their mental health. We need to learn the tools and strategies to recover from an early age so we can recover independently, without the need for a referral to kick in or for us to get bad enough that we need one in the first place!”

This began our movement, to help the nation become #IndependentFromIllness.

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