We are Crowdfunding!

Weʼre raising £1,000,000 to provide the children and young people who are unable to access help across Milton Keynes with 1:1 therapeutic support.

The NHS is at breaking point. New thresholds for providing children and young people with mental health support mean that children need to be at a critical point or a crisis before they receive the therapeutic support they need. Approximately 75% of children are currently rejected from these services because there simply isn’t the space or funding to accept them.

The children of Milton Keynes are suffering as a result. Mental health issues in our young people is on the rise and we are seeing increasing cases of self harm and suicide in children…we need your help to fix this!

We are Arthur Ellis. We were set up by Jon Manning (@JonManningAE) who experienced issues with his mental health from the age of 6. Growing up with a condition, he was unable to access support to the point of him almost losing his life on a few occasions. He set up Arthur Ellis in his Grandfathers name to change the way mental health support is provided and to support those children and families in a similar position that he was.

We are based in Milton Keynes and here is where we have launched our services and this movement to change the way this country supports the mental health of it’s people. Let’s do it properly! We started our 1:1 Mentoring this year and our strategy for Arthur Ellis is to provide a variety of non-profit services so we can offer these 1:1s to the children and young people unable to get help because they don’t meet the thresholds put in place.

The services are struggling so much it will take a huge shift to improve the odds for these children and young people. So, let’s band together as a community, as a people, as businesses and do it ourselves!

In Milton Keynes, approximately 2,020 children last year were denied treatment. Across the UK, this climbs to over 110,000.

In order for us to provide these children with the support they desperately need, we need to raise £1,000,000 so we can provide each one of these children with 8 meaningful sessions with our experienced team of Mentors.

This money will go towards paying for our Mentors who are qualified and experienced in psychology, children and young people’s mental health, teaching and Special Educational Needs (SEN). It will also help us to ensure we have offices suitable for the nature of our work, a nice environment for the children and young people we work with and the resources required for these sessions including printing, colouring books, games etc. all designed to help the children discuss their troubles so we can help them overcome, manage and recover.

Please help us by supporting our mission, getting this to be a sustainable service in Milton Keynes to provide us with the future opportunities to spread this across the country, for our children, young people and the give the future of this country the start they need and deserve!