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Many people can feel ashamed to open themselves up to others, they may view themselves as a burden on others, or think that they don’t deserve support, this just results in further isolation. Make sure to talk to people that you care about, you aren’t a burden, and your emotions matter.

One in every eight adults receive mental health treatment, and only 3% of the eighth receive psychological therapy.

In the year 2000, young people aged 16-24 were less likely to receive mental health treatment than any other age group, with only one quarter of young people that had expressed common mental health symptoms receiving any form of mental health treatment, 14 years later, that statistic rose to one third, but that still means that over 62.5% of the young people weren’t receiving the help that they need.

It is shocking that there are so many people who are simply un-able to receive the help they need for a more stable mental health. An estimated 75% of people with mental health issues don’t get access to the treatment that they need. On top of this, women are more likely than men to receive treatment, with 15% of women receiving treatment in comparison to a miniscule 9% of men, and only 7% of BAME groups receive treatment at all.

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