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Despite the stigma of pregnancy and having a new-born baby being a magical and glowing time, the changes in hormones can significantly impact individual’s mental health during this time. People, both male and female can experience antenatal/prenatal depression, postpartum depression/postnatal and perinatal depression.

Antenatal/prenatal depression: Depression experienced during pregnancy

Postpartum/postnatal depression: Depression experienced after birth

Perinatal depression: Collective term for depression experienced prenatal and postnatal (both before and after the baby is born).

Specifically, in this guide, we will be focusing on perinatal depression that affects both before and after the baby is born. Perinatal mental health problems affect between 10-20% of women during pregnancy and the 1st year after having a baby and 10% of new dads will experience depression in the 1st year after the birth (Centre for Mental Health., 2015). This can often be a topic that is difficult to discuss as parents can find themselves to have a sense of guilt over their feelings. However, it is so important for parents to be aware that this really is not their fault and is something that can be helped by talking about it. Like many aspects of mental health, this really is a prime case of breaking the stigma.

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