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Money concerns and mental health are one of these things that tend to come hand in hand in a vicious cycle.

As your money concerns increase, your mental health can decrease. Vice Versa, when your mental health decreases it can become harder to manage your money. Although money might not literally make the world go around, financial problems are a life feature that can turn your world upside down, around and just provide a heightened sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Over 1.5 million people experience money problems as well as mental health problems. Additionally, 46% of people in problem dept also have a mental health problem.

A big factor affecting people struggling with financial difficulties is the stigma associated with it. The perceptions society has created in relation to how and why people end up with financial difficulties has made it a hard topic for many people to discuss. Asking for help can be difficult but asking for help and fearing judgment of struggling financially can make it even harder. In order to support someone, there are a few things you can do which we will highlight in this guide.

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