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Alcohol abuse is a dangerous and destructive habit that is extremely easy to fall into and results in direct damage to the individual as well as indirect damage to family and friends.

In the UK, there are around 600,000 people suffering from alcoholism. Less than 1 in 5 alcoholics receive help, and even if they do, 40% of them are unable to complete their recovery programme. In 2015, 8,000 people were killed due to drunk driving, and this number is unlikely to fall in the coming years.

Alcohol addiction is driven by a powerful urge to recreate a positive feeling which can develop into a habit that is hard to stop. Alcohol is considered by many to be the most harmful drug, due to its indirect effects on friends and family members. Alcohol’s competitors in this field consist of heroin and cocaine, and even then, it prevails as the most destructive drug to those indirectly effected.

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