Suicide rates in Students have risen 56% since 2007…

“Student life” is often seen as going out, partying, making lifelong friends and going to the occasional lecture.

However, with all the contestant additional societal and familial pressures along with a huge change of environment, it’s clear this is having a huge effect on our students.

Education is progressive, that’s why students don’t look back from year 10 to year 7 and recall what they learnt.

This progressive nature slowly adds to the complexities of the classes but as students’ progress through education, life also adds responsibility and the stresses that come along with that.

Then…university. You are thrusted into an unknown environment, the hardest classes you have yet to experience, the pressure to quickly establish relationships, join respective societies and begin budgeting through financial restrictions.

It’s the biggest change faced to date with minimal or no prior preparation. This needs to change.

For any students who have experienced issues with their mental health, we are conducting research… The Impact Waiting Times are Having on Mental Health

Our independent research is not just to understand how long people are waiting for treatment but also to understand what happens while you’re waiting.

To join as a participant, it is as simple as visiting our website research page, signing up and we will shortly send out a research questionnaire.

Everything will be kept strictly confidential. Link below