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Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsoring Children

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge increase of referrals into specialist mental health services which are now unable to cope. Referrals have increased by 300% in some areas of the country. Alongside a lack of funding, around 75% of children and young people that are referred are denied from accessing these services. This equates to over 110,000 last year. There simply isn’t room! 

10% of children and young people between the ages of 5 and 16 years old have a diagnosable mental health problem but 70% are unable to access the appropriate intervention. 

With 50% of mental health issues being established by the time our children are 14, early intervention is key. 

This lack of support and lengthy wait for support leads to mental health issues getting further embedded as we grow older with 75% of mental health conditions established by 24 years old.  

Arthur Ellis are improving the mental health of children and young people in the UK with our 1:1 Mentoring service which provides children with 8 sessions of 1:1 support with a qualified and trained Mentor. We can help that child or young person learn positive strategies and discuss their issues to help them long term into adolescents or even adulthood.  

We work with companies to sponsor the support for these children. 

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