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Our Mission

Our mental health and wellbeing is paramount to us living a long and fulfilled life.

We cannot solely rely on statutory services obtaining the funding and resources they need to help everyone so we need to do it ourselves. Arthur Ellis is creating teams and cultures that take responsibility for the mental health of one another, to help people understand how to practically support someone not just in crisis but on their journey to obtain consistently good mental health.

If additional, specialist support is needed, we shouldn’t have to wait. Arthur Ellis is committed to developing a 1:1 service that sustains a turnaround for appointments within 1 week of referral. Our ultimate mission is for this to be free for the 110,000+ children who are currently unable to access support.

A truly supportive service should be asking when you are free, not telling you when it suits us.

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What we do

Working with Organisations

Every organisation we work with directly provides 1:1 sessions for children.

The companies, schools or public sector organisations we work with are committed to really making a difference to their communities mental health and wellbeing. We don’t work with companies who are just looking to tick a box and not have a positive impact.

Signposting is important and necessary to get someone the specialist support they may need, however, there is a lot that can be done in the meantime. So whether it’s our assessment, mental health training. online platform or ongoing support, we are progressing the mental health of the workforce by equipping people with practical tools to recover, manage and maintain mental health.

As a result of each of these services, we reinvest our profits into providing children with free 1:1 support.

Working with Individuals

To ‘Give’ is one of the main pillars that contributes to our own wellbeing.

We do charge for for 1:1 sessions with adults, and as a result, we are able to support a child or young person for free.

All profits from our Shop, whether it’s our Sheeran Bracelets, Subscriptions or other products goes directly into supporting or providing 1:1 sessions for children a and young people and ensuring we can keep our waiting time for appointments to under 1 week.

Corporate Support

Our Training

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1:1 Mentoring

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Online Platform

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