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Self Referral Form

Section 1: Who is being referred?

What service would you like;

Section 2: Who is making the referral?

Same as above? If no, please provide details:


Section 3: Reason for Referral/Current Mental Health Concerns

Please provide details of the presenting problem (please consider the following):

Current concerns, family life/circumstances, daily functioning, appetite, sleep, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or any safeguarding issues, Social Services/Children Family Practice/Child Social Care/Adult Services involvement, any interventions you have currently tried or services you have been working or trying to work with, work, school or college attendance issues.

Section 4: Consent and Confidentiality of the Person Referred

Has the person given consent for the referral?:


If the individual is under 16, has the person with parental responsibility been informed and given consent to the referral?:


Section 5: Is there any history of parental mental health difficulties or substance misuse?


Section 6: Current General Practitioner Name and Address

Section 7: Does the Referee have a Social, Child Family Practice, CAMHS, or any other Worker?


If Yes, is the referee a Looked After Child?


Section 8: Current School/College/University name and address (if referee is under 16)

Section 9: Background History of the Presenting Problem

Where do you think these issues have stemmed from? What makes them worse? What makes them better?
Do you have any other diagnosis: (physical health, neurodevelopmental, SEN, mental health)?

Section 10: Any other information that may be useful

How have you found us:

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