Rita Mistry Appointed as Director of Psychological Services

Our mission to create and the UK’s most accessible mental health service continues to draw closer. In 2019, we began our one-to-one service initially delivering face-to-face sessions to children, young people and adults across Milton Keynes.

Over the last few months this service has been really tested and with Rita at the helm, amazing things have happened. Back in March, we were supporting under 100 clients in the Milton Keynes area and now in August 2020 we have begun supporting over 300 people from Milton Keynes to Cumbria.

Making the transition from purely in-person appointments to delivering a online face-to-face service has not just helped us to continue providing excellent support to our clients but it helps us to recognise that the mental health issues facing young people and adults across the country.

Despite the move to online sessions and the difficulties we have faced, just like everyone else over the last seven months, this service continues to drastically improve the lives of the people that we are here to support.

With over 30 years experience working in Psychology, Rita will be bringing a huge amount of knowledge and practical ability to this role as well as sharing the overall vision and mission to build a service that works for its clients.

In addition to continuing to deliver the one-to-one and group services that Arthur Ellis provide, Rita will so play a key role in supporting our corporate clients and how we can support them to improve the mental health of the entire organisation. She will be pivotal in helping organisations to understand the practical elements of improving mental health and the key role that organisations can play in helping people to manage recover and live with their mental health.

Rita leads a team of 18 fantastic Mentors and with her support, the clients receiving support through our one-to-one service experience, on average, a 62% increase to their well-being.

Thank you, Rita.