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Mentor Training

Whether it’s a member or staff or someone within your community, What do you do when someone returns to work? How do you manage and support them in a way that won’t make them unwell again? Has someone disclosed they have a mental health condition?

We don’t believe that just signposting is enough anymore, to really solve these problems we need to be equipped with the practical know-how to proactively approach and support someone at work or within the community. That’s why we worked with a variety of healthcare professionals to develop a programme which will equip ‘Mentors’ within your organisation to develop healthy ways of managing a condition and implementing reasonable adjustments whether it’s situational or long-term issue so your staff and community can thrive.

Any training we deliver to community or public organisations is through our non-profit to support children and young peoples’ mental health.

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Our half-day training course helps provide people within your organisation with an evidence-based management style which has been specifically designed so your Mentors can work with your community to understand how their condition is affecting them and what they need to do during the day or where their focus needs to be to remain well and thrive in their life.

By supplementing the brilliant work you already do within your community, we want to help you support their mental health in a practical and effective way so they can actively improve their circumstances, remain well and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Community Training

We can provide additional support to the community you serve by delivering our simulation and experience-based workshops to help them recognise and know what to do if they are experiencing mental health difficulties. We won’t just list symptoms in bullet points, our fun, interactive sessions will help to give your community a real understanding and insight into different mental health issues so we can develop ways in we can identify these symptoms in ourselves and others.

Any training we deliver to community or public organisations is through our non-profit to support children and young peoples’ mental health.

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By delivering our training in this way, getting your staff engaged with mental health, we can increase emotional intelligence by 20% more than our competitors.

Providing this understanding and appreciation rather than just awareness helps to encourage people to tackle the issues and by providing practical evidence-based tools within our training, it gives continuity of how to manage and control these experiences to prevent them from developing into a more serious issue.

1:1 Mentoring for Public and 3rd Sector

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