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Arthur Ellis - Mental Health Support

About Us

With a combination of lived experience and expertise in psychology, our mission is to teach the nation how to learn, live and work better when it comes to mental ill health. We do this by building teams in businesses, schools and communities who are equipped with practical, evidence based tools to proactively help others prevent, recover and manage poor mental health.

With a huge amount of children unable to access meaningful, practical emotional support, our award-winning training, products and 1:1 adults support provides funds to supply children and young people with a free 1:1 service to support their mental health.

We are building a self-sufficient emotional support service for the 110,000+ children who are currently unable to access support.

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Public Sector

Training & Support

Our award-winning training and support provides organisations with practical, evidence based tools and strategies to proactively help staff support the prevention, recovery and management of mental ill health.

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Mentor - 1 : 1

1:1 Mentoring

Our accessible, supportive 1:1 service sets you up with an expert Mentor who can support you to get back in control of your mental health.

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Corporate Support

Digital Health

Our online platform provides managers with expert video coaching to support employees with their mental health and safely stores sensitive information.

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Our non-profit shop pays for us to deliver free 1:1 sessions for children so check out our brilliant products and help change the life of a young person!

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Our partners and awards

To support the development and running of our non-profit 1:1 children and young people referral service, we are so proud to be partnered with Imogen Sheeran who creates beautiful, hand-made jewellery for our cause.

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