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Arthur Ellis - Mental Health Support

Are you an NHS Frontline Worker?

If you’re an NHS Frontline worker, battling the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to #SupportOurNHSFrontline.

We are offering fortnightly 1:1 sessions with the help of our Sponsors to help frontline workers gain consistent emotional health support made possible with the help of our Partners…

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What we do…

Corporate Support


Working strategically to improve the mental health and well-being across organisations.

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Mentor - 1 : 1

Arthur Ellis

1:1 & Group Service

Self-refer into 1:1 mental health and emotional support for children, young people and adults.

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Packages to get our specialist mental health support into your school, college or university.

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Arthur Ellis



Our Sheeran Products and other ways you can help with all proceeds supporting children’s 1:1 sessions.

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Arthur Ellis

Public Sector

Support Guides

Helpful, easy to digest guides to support your own and your loved ones mental health.

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Arthur Ellis

Social Enterprise

We reinvest profits from our work into mental health support for children.

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Arthur Ellis

About Us

The UK is in a mental health crisis. It is becoming more and more difficult to access mental health services and in some cases, just to see a GP.

With thresholds to access these specialist services increasing as well as referrals going up by 300% in some areas of the country, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get help. As a result;

Only 1 in every 8 adults receive treatment for their mental health and only 3% of that eighth receive psychological therapy.

Nationally, 75% of children and young people are unable to access support at all.

That’s where Arthur Ellis and our mission to help the nation become #IndependentFromIllness comes in…

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To support the development and running of our non-profit 1:1 children and young people referral service, we are so proud to be partnered with Imogen Sheeran who creates beautiful, hand-made jewellery for our cause.

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