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We understand that every business is different and because of this we like to start our journey with an Insight Session. A 1 hour meeting where we understand your challenges, your people and your goals so we can tailor our approach to make it as practical as possible.

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Our Services


Working with you to develop preventative well-being strategies


Delivering practical tools to staff to align with your strategy

Accredited Training

Our Accredited Management & Champion Training


1:1 Support Service for Staff


In quarterly or monthly meetings, we look at what present or future events may impact company well-being and we develop an agile, preventative well-being strategy.

Working with our expert team with a background in Clinical Psychology, we work with you to conduct Quarterly Well-being Strategy meetings to understand your business objectives, the impact different changes may have on your peoples’ bananas and doughnuts and help to steer an agile, preventative strategy.

Quarterly changes vary from office moves or the transition from home working to office working, seasons changing or fluctuations in project work.

Employee Workshops

Making sure your colleagues are prepared for the upcoming changes or challenges can not only help people feel supported but it helps them know what to do as soon as the changes happen.

These interactive sessions vary depending on our quarterly strategy meetings but may focus on managing bananas and doughnuts through winter, keeping well and working from home through to how to manage anxiety or some helpful, therapeutic self-help tools.

Accredited Training

We believe in the importance of early intervention with the best approaching being proactive rather than reactive. Our Award-winning Accredited Training is certified by the British Quality Foundation.

1 Day Management Course

We can deliver this to 12 Managers a day to ensure maximum learning opportunity. Following the training, they receive a Bespoke Skills Pack and Certificate.

The learning principles include;

  • The principles of well-being and how it is structured
  • The connection between mental health and well-being
  • The theory to structure well-being within their team
  • Behavioural identifiers for early intervention
  • How to identify and appropriately deal with a mental health crisis
  • The knowledge to take a preventative and proactive approach to well-being in their management style
  • Confidence in their abilities to acknowledge and encourage positive well-being in the team
  • How to have a conversation and get long term support in place

2 Day Well-being Champion Course

We work with you to carefully select your Champions and train up to 8 Champions at al time within your business. All Well-being Champions receive a bespoke Skills Pack and Certificate.

  • The above Management Training plus…
  • The principles of emotional literacy
  • How mental health changes when colleagues begin to struggle
  • Using mental health principles to improve the well-being of individuals
  • The skills to identify and implement preventative measures across the business and teams
  • Confidence in their abilities to make a change in the workplace environment and support managers with members of staff that may have long term conditions
  • Taking the lead on having positive conversations to improve well-being

We understand that every business is different and because of this we like to start our journey with an Insight Session. A 1 hour meeting where we understand your challenges, your people and your goals so we can tailor our training delivery to make it as practical as possible.

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We set your organisation up with it’s own referral service your staff can use to improve their emotional health and well-being.

We would love to work with every employer across the country so all staff are able to receive practical and professional mental health support when they need it.

Our service currently supports thousands of people across the UK throughout the year and as a not-for-profit, we ensure that any profit made from our services is used to fuel sessions for children and young people.

With every client completing pre and post intervention measures, our service delivers an average well-being increase of 62%.

Imagine what you could achieve and how you would feel if your well-being improved by that much?

How does it work?

We set your business up with it’s own referral page that has it’s own custom URL. This page is password protected for just your colleagues to access.

The page integrates directly with our encrypted system, allowing us to accept referrals totally confidentially, professionally and easily for your staff.

Is it Counselling, Psychology or CBT?

Our Mentoring service is a combination of all of them! We have designed our own training that all of our Mentors go through before they start with us.

Our Mentors typically come from a background in counselling, CBT, psychology, psychotherapy or mental health and the training course they go through widens their knowledge so they can adapt their approach during their work with someone to make sure the appointments are effective as possible.

Our Practitioners

All of our Practitioners have Enhanced DBS Checks, Safeguarding Training, Lone Working and Whistleblowing training and undergo regular Supervision. The cost of certification and training is included in the overall price of our programme.

The Sessions

We look at everything on an session by session basis. If your provision is for 100 sessions, that’s what you get. If a client we are working with only needs one or two sessions, this doesn’t impact on the total of sessions. It may be that someone needs 12 sessions and this is completely driven by the needs of the client.

Our sessions can be delivered outside of working hours and arranged directly with the client.

The sessions are delivered online and the client receives up to 7 sessions which accounts for the recommended 6 sessions as well as an initial ‘get to know you’ session between our team and the client.

The practitioner undertakes a continuous assessment of each client, and ensures that the sessions remain relevant and productive in terms of improving the mental health of the client.

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