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Our Well-being Management Platform helps your business ensure that all managers have a consistent approach to mental health in the workplace.

Alongside experts and in line with NICE and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) standards, we have developed a variety of options to give you the confidence that your organisation is equipped to appropriately deal with mental health whenether you just want to provide guidance or build it into your managers PDP.

There are also a variety of helpful resources from GP or Counselling appointment guidance through to Expert Guides on a variety of mental health subjects. These resources have been proven to support employees through the process of getting support whilst providing clinicians all the information they need to make the best decisions.

Our GP guide has helped employees provide enough information to their GP to cut time signed off by 75% in some cases!


Online Management Guidance

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Our platform contains content to empower your managers to be more confident and proactive towards mental health within their teams whilst making the way mental health is supported across the organisation consistent.

The video guidance is in line with NICE and BACP standards to encourage managers to have consistent, productive conversations around the subject of mental health.

Video Tutorials include;

  • Approaching a Colleague
  • Having a meeting about mental health
  • Dealing with a Crisis
  • Soft Skills

Employee Resources

  • GP Appointment Guidance
  • Counselling Appointment Guidance
  • Expert Guides on a variety of mental health subjects
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Mental Health Competency Training

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Gain access to all of the Online Management Guidance with the added benefit of an e-learning platform.

As part of your organisations PDP, why not provide your managers with the ability to become certified in approaching and dealing with a variety of mental health issues.

Upon certification, your managers will be able to confidently;

  • Proactively have conversations around mental health
  • Have the suitable soft skills required to deal with vulnerable people
  • Confidently build wellbeing plans with colleagues to ensure wellbeing is consistent within their teams.

This easy to use, mobile optimised platform allows managers to gain access wherever they are whilst tracking how far along the course they are with simple progress bars in the different subjects.


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