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About The Portal

Our Well-being Management Portal utilises video coaching developed by our clinicians in line with NICE and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) standards.

The fully mobile-optimised platform provides mental health training and coaching for management and employees in their pocket. The platform guides management through approaching difficult situations related to mental health and then safely stores the healthy ways of working that they need to focus on in order to recover and remain well and coaches employees to reach out effectively.

The portal is also equipped with a variety of helpful and practical tools to support your employees with their mental health which we are always developing and adding to.

Step By Step Guide

Setting Up Portal


We step up the portal based on your requirements, who will be using it, your logo and where the services local to you are to make any signposting easy and effective.



Your managers gain access to video coaching to help them approach and manage mental health in their teams in an appropriate and effective way.



Any discussions surrounding employee mental health are stored in a confidential, safe and compliant way.

Reaching Out


Employees access guidance and encouragement to reach out to tackle their issues.



Clinical templates are available so you know that any appointments or psychological work will be as effective as possible.



We are always developing new exercises and guides your staff can use to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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