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Our Ethos & Seven Day Rule

We believe that support for your well-being, emotional or mental health should be there when you need it. There shouldn’t be long waiting lists or thresholds holding people back from getting the support they need.

We also believe that support should be needs-led which means we don’t focus on diagnosis but work with you towards improving whatever you’re experiencing. With a focus on practical and useful tools you can bring into your day to day life so that you are able to not only get support during your time of need but you will be able to use it again and again throughout your life.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we do ask for a contribution towards sessions which helps us to ensure that we can cover our individual session costs. The businesses we work with help us cover the other costs so that we can keep your sessions as cost effective as possible!

This also helps us not have a waiting list by using our SEVEN DAY RULE. You will hear from us within seven days of referring to us to get your sessions started.

The Support We Provide

Our team is not just filled with amazing people but they are incredibly diverse.

All of our Mentors have backgrounds in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Abuse Support or SEND and go through a Safer Recruitment process so that we can check their qualifications and background thoroughly before they start working with us.

Before they start having sessions with you, our Mentors are given Enhanced DBS Checks and Safeguarding Training before they go through an intensive Arthur Ellis training course to learn the way that we like to do things…

In this course, The Mentors, even though they are already qualified, all learn different techniques in Counselling, Psychology and CBT. This means that when you’re seeing a Mentor and things change, our Mentors can change their approach rather than you changing Mentor and starting over again with someone new.

It’s really important to us that there is consistency and a strong, trusting relationship is built.

Your Sessions

A first appointment with us is always a ‘pre-assessment’. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better and to understand more about how we can help you.

It is always with a Lead Mentor who can then see which Mentor will be able to provide the best support to you based on what your experiencing, your cultural background and preferences.


It’s also an opportunity for us to complete our questionnaires. These are typically standardised questionnaires that give us a clear idea of what sort of approach and techniques are going to support you best. Any of the data we collect is used internally for us to continuously improve and your personal information is kept save in a custom-build encrypted system and no identifiable information is shared with anyone else.

After the pre-assessment, you will either continue working with the Lead Mentor or they will meet with the Mentor that you’ll be working with to go through your background and give them insight into what’s going to help you most. The Mentor will then be in touch, within two days, and book your first appointment.

The sessions are mainly delivered online using video calling which the Mentor will set up for you and send through in a calendar invite.

We do have a cancellation policy where we ask for at least 48 hours notice and for you re-book within a week so that session can be carried over. However, we do understand that different things come up so if there is an emergency, let us know and it can be sorted out at your Mentors’ discretion.

Our Results

We believe that a few key aspects to our approach gives us the amazing results we see.

Seeing people without a waiting list, our Mentors being so diverse and our Mentors’ being able to change their therapeutic approach so the relationships remain consistent.


By collecting the questionnaires in the initial pre-assessment and at the end of your sessions, we help people improve their well-being by 62% on average.

Imagine how you would feel if your well-being increased by 62%?


Refer a Child or Young Person

We consider Children and Young People who are between 8 and 25 Years old.

If you are below 18, referrals must be made by your Parent/Guardian or Carer or with their consent.

£25 per session

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Refer Yourself

In order to refer yourself, you will need to be over 18.

The sessions cost a little more for people aged 26 and over because you are contributing towards the administration of our children’s sessions.

If you are unemployed, have other financial constraints or work for our public services like the NHS, Police or Fire Departments, please let us know and we can discuss adjustments.

£36 per session

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