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As a non-profit organisation, we do ask for a contribution towards sessions which helps us to ensure that we can cover our overhead costs. This helps us deliver our work without a waiting list, ensuring we can see you as quickly as possible.

Any profits we make, we reinvest into making support more accessible for children and into other non-profits or charities that we work with.

Children & Young People (8-25)

£20 per session (£25  SEND Home Visit)

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Arthur Ellis

Supporting anything that is having an impact on your child or young persons mental health and wellbeing, whatever they may be experiencing our Mentors can support to have a positive impact on their mood, behaviour, school or environment.

Adults (26+)

£30 per session

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Arthur Ellis

Supporting you with your mental health and wellbeing, whether this is pre-existing or you are experiencing something new which is having an impact on your mood, behaviour, relationships, work or environment.

People who we have worked with in our 1:1 Mentoring have had an average of 62% improvement to their well-being.

“I can’t thank them enough for helping my lovely daughter now enjoy life.”

“The Arthur Ellis team has actually done more in a 3 week period that previous sessions have…over 6 weeks plus.”


“Thank you so much for being here and everything you do”

More about Mentoring…

The impact life can have on our mental health and emotional well-being cannot be underestimated.

We need to keep on top of our emotional health more than ever so we provide online appointments so we can support anyone, anywhere across the country to help you actively stay on top of your mental health and well-being throughout life.

Mentor - 1 : 1

How It Works

We believe that people need to access support for their mental health when they need it, this is why we aim to see you within 1 week of getting in touch with us.

You might not know how you feel, which is completely normal, or you might know what you’re going through but need to learn some tools, strategies and get some practical support through it. Our first appointment helps us understand how we can best support you so please reach out to us using our Self-Referral Form.

We support children (from 8 years old), young people and adults who may be experiencing difficulties with their mental health and our experienced team can support a variety of needs including;

AnxietyDepression & Low Mood
Stress Self Esteem & Confidence
Anger ManagementBehavioural Issues
Bereavement SupportTrauma
Perinatal DepressionBullying

We typically work with you over 8-12 sessions in order to have the long term, lasting impact we want to have on your life.

Each session will last 50 minutes and will be either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what works for you. Our digital sessions will be recorded and safely stored for safeguarding purposes.

Once we receive your referral, we will be in touch to set up your first session. We will then email you your Mentors unique number and instructions to access your video call. At the time of your appointment, click your link, add you number and away you go!

How do I refer?

You can refer yourself to us straight away simply by filling out our Self-Referral Form. We also accept referrals made by a family member, employers and community organisations if you feel a member in your community requires our support. Please ensure that you have consent to do so and, the person is fully aware of the referral. Once a referral form is completed and received by us, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to set up your initial meeting with one of our Lead Mentors.

What can you expect from your Mentor?

All mentors are vetted for their experience, qualifications and skills. All our Mentors are fully checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service and will be carrying an ID Badge. They will also not begin working with any referees 1:1 until they have been trained in our specific methods and been signed off by one of our Senior Mentors.

Most appointments will take place at our offices in Central Milton Keynes, but home visits and video call appointments are also available, this will be reviewed based on individual circumstances. The initial meeting with the mentor will always take place at the office to make sure you are comfortable with your Mentor and that your Mentor is comfortable supporting your needs.

Any information shared with your Mentor is kept confidential and in line with Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR 2018; with the exception of any information disclosed that suggests any risk of harm (physical, mental, or emotional) to yourself or anyone else – then that information will be shared with the appropriate person(s) and/or services.

What will I be expected to do?

Where possible, you will be expected to attend all scheduled appointments and really participate and contribute to your sessions, we want you to help you, but you will need to put the work in both inside and outside your sessions. You will, in most cases, be given different strategies to try in day to day life which you will need to attempt and be mindful to maintain confidentiality.

What happens if I cancel?

It’s clear that there are times where cancelling a booked appointment may be necessary. However, it should be stressed that when booking an appointment, you Mentor has committed to that time and the facilities to that booking. We can reschedule the cancelled appointment within 7 days of the original appointment. Any deferred appointments will be limited to 2 consecutive appointments, if the third appointment is also missed, you may still be charged at the discretion of your Mentor.


Mentees are advised that in booking an appointment they are reserving a room and a Mentor’s time exclusively for their needs.

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, you may do so without charge by giving at least 48 hours notice. This allows your Mentor enough time to re-book the cancelled appointment slot and avoid unnecessary service disruption. It also provides an opportunity for those waiting to be accommodated.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment will not be charged but “no shows” and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may be charged for in full. If you need to cancel your appointment please email

Please note:
• that you wish to cancel
• your name and telephone number
• date and time of your appointment
• whether you wish to reschedule

You can then be contacted to make arrangements for an alternative appointment should you require one.

1:1 Mentoring

Unable to access or waiting for mental health services? Maybe you just need a bit of support.

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