Going Digital to Tackle Coronavirus

Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support can and will continue to offer a safe space to talk about the rapid changes to people’s normal lives during the Coronavirus pandemic across the world.

We wish to combat the fear of isolation, as well as the rise in feelings of vulnerability people of all ages might be experiencing as normal life feels like it is on hold.  Anyone over 18 can access Arthur Ellis’ services, by completing a simple online self-referral form on their website, whether this is to refer themselves or a loved one under the age of 18.

To increase the support they can offer, Arthur Ellis has implemented additional digital group support services to combat the introduction of wider Government social distancing measures introduced since Monday 16th March. With long term delay tactics in place to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Arthur Ellis has gone digital for a minimum of 12 weeks in order to provide continuity to its sessions and ensure there are no breaks in the support we provide to our communities.

Jon Manning, CEO of Arthur Ellis said:

‘Everyone needs help, now more than ever, and mental health or emotional support needs to not only be sustainable but easily accessible whilst still being effective. We uphold our values, as a result of people needing more support at this time, I have committed that Arthur Ellis are reducing our standard fees by 25% to improve accessibility to all for a minimum of 12 weeks on digital platforms to ensure no breaks in mentor support.’

We will be providing face to face meetings using digital devices like mobile phones and digital tablets from Thursday.  The focus is to offer mental health support to the vulnerable and elderly population across Milton Keynes and the wider area as soon as possible.

Our one to one self-referrals for children and young people (8-18) as well as adults (19+) will continue and we have also specifically designed sessions dedicated to family groups.

We have also added a service for anyone in the 70+ age group to dial in to speak with their peers in sessions facilitated by one of our expert Mentors. The focus on these groups will vary, looking at addressing their loneliness by meeting new people safely as well as tackling any concerns they may have at these times whilst experiencing new technology, learning and laughing together; forming new online friendships is key at this time.’


Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support operates an easy self-referral form on their website where anyone can request support for one of these new services.  Every online request will be verified by a Lead Mentor processed quickly for people to join groups or a 1:1 session which are convenient for them throughout the day.

If you foresee yourself getting overly worried and notice you are feeling vulnerable, in the first instance complete an online referral form by clicking here

Your request will be seen by one of the mentors who can then plan to contact you with further details.