Get Help…What’s Next?

There is a lot of information about mental illness out there. A lot of ways to identify symptoms in yourself or others. When an issue is identified…what’s next?

For a physical injury, you can usually be treated within the same day, at least medicated accurately for the issue.

The British Medical Association last year carried out some research asking medical organisations how long it took their patients with severe mental illnesses to be treated. Unfortunately, 9 out of the 10 organisations that were reviewed, did not record the waiting time information…

However, speaking to the people waiting for treatment, it was clear that the 4 week waiting standard was not being met. In fact, it wasn’t met at all throughout 2016/2017.

People were waiting commonly over 6 months for treatment, often over a year and on occasion over 2 years to get the help they needed. Now, imagine that was a family member, friend or colleague…

As someone who has been in that position…it’s awful.

You’re trying to keep your relationships with friends and family together, deliver or over-deliver at work to claw at whatever satisfaction or gratification you can.

It’s like having a frozen piece of string that you’re using to juggle these plates. It will defrost and they will fall.

This doesn’t happen with everyone or all employees but 15% of any given workforce shows signs of a diagnosable mental illness. What do you have in place for when it’s needed?

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