Mentoring in Education

We understand that in education today you have many responsibilities to your children and young people, and when it comes to mental health it is a challenge to provide the right expertise for everyone at the right time when they need it.

Arthur Ellis is passionate about providing this expertise to deliver sessions based on the needs of your children and young people. We want our mentors to be there across education in schools, colleges and universities to regularly see students who need support.

Our mentoring is extremely measurable, using evidence based tools to measure impact and to report back to you. This helps us and you to understand what interventions are going to be most relevant for the individual we are working with; our mentors can tap into a variety of experience including counselling, psychology, mental health and SEN. We can then ensure we have the best impact for your children and young people.


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You’re a non-profit…Why am I paying?

We must ensure that our children and young people don’t just have access to the right support when they need it but we also have to make sure that they are safe, comfortable and the sessions are utilised effectively.

Our Mentors receive ongoing training to make sure they are familiar with a variety of interventions and support they can offer children and young people. All of out Mentors hold Enhanced DBS checks and receive regular Clinical Supervision throughout the year.

In these costs, we have also built in planning time. This is time to plan out term time but also to plan out week by week so you can rest assured that we are communicating with parents and the school to make sure the sessions are being utilised. We need children and young people to make the most of this service and we have the impact to their lives that we want to have.

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