Mentoring in Education

We understand that in education today you have many responsibilities to your children and young people, and when it comes to mental health it is a challenge to provide the right expertise for everyone at the right time when they need it.

Arthur Ellis is passionate about ensuring children have the right support available based on their needs, when they need it. This is why we have mentors who have a variety of backgrounds including counselling, psychology, mental health and SEN to deliver sessions based on the needs of your children and young people. We want our mentors to be there across education in schools, colleges and universities to regularly see students who need support.

Our mentoring is extremely measurable, using evidence based tools to measure impact and to report back to you. This helps us and you to understand what interventions are going to be most relevant for the individual we are working with; our mentors can tap into a variety of experience to ensure we improve the mental health and well-being of  the children and young people.

This provision is available to children and young people aged 8 to 25 years. We can also provide this as a form of Supervision for staff.

Our Pricing

Our prices encompass all of the below areas to make sure there aren’t any hidden surprises whilst ensuring we are providing enough input that both you and the children, young people or staff require.

Prices vary on the level of provision required but sessions tend to sit between £25 – £35 each or £150 – £210 per pupil for a course of 6 sessions.

Please feel free to get in touch and we can talk about your needs and develop a bespoke package to suit your needs.


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Our Mentors

We assign a dedicated, trained, and experienced mental health practitioner who is educated within Psychology or a Mental Health field. This continuity builds trust and respect between the client and the practitioner and provides you with a specific point of reference to discuss the progress of the client.

All of our Practitioners have Enhanced DBS Checks, Safeguarding Training, Lone Working and Whistleblowing training and undergo regular Supervision. The cost of certification and training is included in the overall price of our programme.

The practitioner is supervised by our Director of Psychological Services who monitors the quality of the service we provide by discussing progress with the practitioner.

Any reasonable travel and equipment expenses arising to the practitioner are included in the price.

Working with Clients

With the assistance of you, we obtain details of the client and book sessions directly with the client. We do the administration for the sessions, using a purpose built, encrypted system which holds our session notes as well as conducting video calls as well as managing safeguarding concerns, risk assessments and safety plans where needed.

We assess the client and report the outcome of that assessment to the you providing consent of the client. Based on the pre-intervention assessments, our practitioner designs and agrees an intervention plan including any safety plans or risk assessments required for the individual.

The plan is implemented, monitored, supervised, and if necessary, adjusted to suit the needs of the pupil.

The Appointments

The year covers 48 weeks (36 if in School term) in order to account for our Mentors holidays. We will provide appointments (we can designated the interactions to be delivered outside of school hours when working with children to not impact on learning).

Each identified client receives six (6) appointments which may be adjusted depending on need. These are typically on a 1-2-1 basis and would be typically online but may vary depending on need and accessibility.

The practitioner undertakes a continuous assessment of each client, and ensures that the appointments remain relevant and productive in terms of improving the mental health of the client.

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