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Mental health awareness across the country is growing, which is brilliant. However, we believe there needs to be a shift from awareness to action.

As a country, we know the statistics, we know mental health issues are on the rise but what practical tools are available for us to start doing something about it?

After signposting, what do you do next? How do you work and support someone long-term?

That’s why we developed our award-winning training alongside healthcare professionals to provide practical, evidence-based tools and strategies to build internal teams in your organisation that can deliver these practical tools to their colleagues. In turn, creating an objective, proactive culture focused on recovery and really helping people get back in control of their mental health – rather than their mental health controlling them.

Bespoke Training Packages

Our training isn’t just focused on signposting, we work with you to deliver practical, evidence-based tools to help your staff directly recover, manage and cope with either situational or long-term mental health issues.

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Our training isn’t just focused on signposting, we work with you and your staff to really understand the mental health needs of your organisation. We then train and support an internal team to deliver these evidence-based tools and strategies to give people practical solutions to what they might be experiencing. Your internal team are then in a position to support people to directly recover, manage and cope with either situational or long-term mental health issues.

  • We understand your colleagues needs through digital assessments so we can understand the needs of your workforce.
  • We then develop needs-led training, creating personalised tools and strategies to improve the mental health of your staff.
  • Your ‘Champions’ are then trained in these tools, equipping them with suitable, practical and long-term ways to help colleagues.
  • A few months after training, we then conduct a re-assessment to see what impact this is having to your workforce and if any additional tools may help improve your colleagues mental health even further.

The result of our training we will help you create a work environment that is aware of the mental health requirements of its staff, and is able to apply these techniques internally so your staff can prevent, recover and manage mental ill health long term.


“one of the best mental health sessions that I have attended.”

Management Consultancy, London

One-Off Training

Our interactive Employee Training focuses on not only increasing emotional intelligence by up to 93% but providing practical evidence-based strategies to help your employees cope with issues they may face with their own mental health. We won’t just list symptoms in bullet points, our fun, interactive sessions will help to give your employees a real understanding and insight into different mental health issues so we can develop ways we identify these symptoms in ourselves and others.

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By delivering our training in this way, getting your staff engaged with mental health, we can increase emotional intelligence by 20% more than our competitors.

Providing this understanding and appreciation rather than just awareness helps to encourage people to tackle the issues and by providing practical evidence-based tools within our training, it gives continuity of how to manage and control these experiences to prevent them from developing into a more serious issue.


“We’ll have them back anytime!”

“I already recommended [an evidence-based tool] to a friend”

Consultancy, Manchester

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