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In 2007, every single people in the UK cost employers £1,056 per year due to poor mental health, whether they were experiencing ill mental health or not.

Despite a huge increase in awareness and the stigma surrounding mental health slowly breaking down, this figure still rises. In 2018, it was £1,304 per person employed privately in the UK.

In our organisations, 1 in 6 people will be experiencing difficulties with their mental health 77% of us will experience this is our professional life. Despite this, only 3% of adults receive therapeutic support, 75% of them unable to access the help. Without tangible, practical ways in which to support mental health, these issues will continue to worsen, the cost to businesses will continue to grow and our people will remain unsupported.

Our multi award-winning training provides solutions into two categories.

Bespoke Training Packages

Our training isn’t just focused on signposting, we work with you to deliver practical, evidence-based tools to help your staff directly recover, manage and cope with either situational or long term mental health issues.

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Depending on if you’re just introducing mental health into the organisation or you have a lot in place already, we will establish a relationship with your workforce delivering some short, impact sessions to increase their knowledge around mental health.

Our team will then conduct assessments with staff to gather as much information as possible and to tailor our training to suit the mental health needs of your organisation.

As a result, we are able to identify what tools, techniques and strategies are going to be most helpful for your staff to manage any experiences of mental ill health and within a 1 day training course, we can equip Champions in your organisation to provide these practical evidence-based tools internally.

Helping your staff recovery, cope and manage mental ill health long term.


“one of the best mental health sessions that I have attended.”

Management Consultancy, London

One-Off Training

Our interactive Employee Training focuses on not only increasing emotional intelligence by up to 93% but providing practical evidence-based strategies to help your employees cope with issues they may face with their own mental health. We won’t just list symptoms in bullet points, our fun, interactive sessions will help to give your employees a real understanding and insight into different mental health issues so we can develop ways we identify these symptoms in ourselves and others.

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By delivering our training in this way, getting your staff engaged with mental health, we can increase emotional intelligence by 20% more than our competitors.

Providing this understanding and appreciation rather than just awareness helps to encourage people to tackle the issues and by providing practical evidence-based tools within our training, it gives continuity of how to manage and control these experiences to prevent them from developing into a more serious issue.


“We’ll have them back anytime!”

“I already recommended [an evidence-based tool] to a friend”

Consultancy, Manchester

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