We have developed a full mental wellness programme for businesses which encompasses a combination of strategy, training and support.

Here’s an idea of the journey we take you on to help your people get in control of their well-being and mental health.

Imagine if you were able to create an effective and robust mental health support strategy for your people. Then imagine that all of that work contributes towards helping children and young people to access mental health support with our expert mental health mentors.

That’s one of the reasons why we rarely engage in one-off events; instead we develop strategic partnerships to improve the emotional well-being and mental health of your organisation. Experience tells us that longer term work needs to be undertaken to really develop trust and see improvements to the well-being of your people.

In turn we are able to fulfill our passion to support our non-profit helping people to get quick, easy access to mental health support.

We work inclusively with you right from the start and always begin with a our ‘INSIGHT SESSION’  to understand what’s important to you as an organisation and the specific challenges you may face. From that we are able to discover where you need support and will develop a bespoke strategy to ensure maximum impact is achieved.



Mental health awareness has done a fantastic job!

We are now speaking about mental health more openly and it has gained a huge amount of publicity. What does this mean for our businesses and the people in them?

The objectives for Mental Health Awareness are to;

– Break Down Stigma –

– Promote Help-Seeking Behaviours –

Mental health now contributes to 40% of all GP appointments across the UK.

That’s over 500,000 appointments every DAY!

50% more parents are seeking support for their children.

Mental health funding across the UK hasn’t caught up…with around 10% of the NHS budget being spent on mental health services in the last decade.

As a result, around 90% of mental health cases are supported within GP Practices without the input of expert support.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists report waiting times of up to 13 years in some areas of the UK.

So…whilst only 8% of adults are getting referred to services for psychological support, 3% actually receive it.

The psychological support then received is only 20% effective with 1 in 5 adults saying it has helped.


The difficulty with mental health is that it is emotionally led.

With the break down of stigma, a lot of experiences and stories have been shared and with the symptoms and features of mental health being emotional, it is relatable for a lot of people.

This is why, despite the increase is service use, the amount of people diagnosed with a mental health condition has stayed at 1 in 4 people for the last 20 years.

Most people aren’t educated in how these relatable emotions are coped with effectively and without access to quick support, people turn to the internet…this has led to 23% of working age adults in the UK self-identifying with mental health problems.

We can IMPROVE these outcomes by focusing on Emotional Literacy



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