Imagine if you were able to create an effective and robust mental health support strategy for your people. Then imagine that all of that work contributes towards helping children and young people to access mental health support with our expert mental health mentors.  

Thats one of the reasons why we rarely engage in one-off events; instead we develop strategic partnerships to improve the emotional well-being and mental health of your organisation. Experience tells us that longer term work needs to be undertaken to really develop trust and see improvements to the well-being of your people. 

In turn we are able to fulfil our passion to support our non-profit helping people to get quick, easy access to mental health support. 

We work inclusively with you right from the start and always begin with a roundtable strategy meeting to understand whats important to you as an organisation. From that we are able to discover where you need support and will develop a bespoke strategy to ensure maximum impact is achieved. 

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Our work depends entirely on your needs, so following the strategy meeting we will be able to advise the use of our different services.

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Talks & Webinars

A series of educational and thought-provoking webinars, delivered live by our experts to engage, learn and impact your business.

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Digital Assessment

An online Survey to better understand the mental health of your organisation to build and measure a strategy that works.

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Corporate Support


Specialist Training for Line Managers and Champions to go further than signposting and provide practical support, tools and strategies.

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Digital Platform

A customisable Mental Health Hub provides online training, video guidance and resources to provide quick and easy access to support.

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All of our work goes towards fueling our non-profit to support children, young people and adults in getting quick and easy access to mental health support.

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Social Enterprise

We reinvest profits from our work into mental health support for children.

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Our courses are developed by mental health experts and people with real life experience.

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Products and other ways you can help with all proceeds supporting children’s 1:1 sessions.

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Public Sector

Support Guides

Helpful, easy to digest guides to support your own and your loved ones mental health.

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1:1 Mentoring for business

Want to offer 1:1’s for your employees?

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To support the development and running of our non-profit 1:1 children and young people referral service, we are so proud to be partnered with Imogen Sheeran who creates beautiful, hand-made jewellery for our cause.

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