BITAx Breakfast Event

Our Founder, Jon Manning, is excited to be speaking at the British & Irish Trading Alliance breakfast event at Corrigan’s in Mayfair, London.

BITAx provides education, expertise, experience and opportunities for under 35s. If you own your own business or have some rising stars in your organisation and want to genuinely invest in them, look into BITAx and in particular this upcoming event.

This breakfast will be held at Corrigan’s and is home to acclaimed celebrity Irish chef Richard Corrigan.

Jon will be speaking about how to practically manage and prevent mental health issues that affect business and work; he set up Arthur Ellis to to train the nation how to directly manage mental ill health, how to help ourselves, our loved ones and those we work with in such a way that focuses on what keeps you well, healthy and mitigates any risk of becoming unwell or ‘relapsing’.

Our mission to ‘train the nation’ is to help us all become more #IndependentFromIllness so we can thrive without the need to rely on getting that appointment immediately or to not need that appointment in the first place!

Really looking forward to speaking to more young professionals about becoming #IndependentFromIllness.

If you’re interested in attending, head over to Eventbrite for tickets.