Arthur Ellis appointed by GP surgeries

Arthur Ellis has been appointed by GP surgeries to support the mental health and well-being of children and young people in Milton Keynes.

Starting in September, Arthur Ellis will be supporting 3 GP surgeries across Milton Keynes to provide 100 children with mental health and well-being support. This continues our mission to build the most accessible mental health service across the UK, being able to see anyone within days of referral.

The issues related to mental health and well-being of children and young people has been a steadily increasing concern even before the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with the disruption and changes in our lives as a result of the last five months, whether this is school, their social lives or the unhelpful coping strategies they may have learnt throughout the period of uncertainty it’s important now more than ever that they have resources available to them.

Jon Manning, Founder and CEO of Arthur Ellis said;

When speaking to the surgeries about the support the children were receiving, I was shocked to find out that there were children in the waiting list that had not been seen or spoken to since November 2019. It made me feel quite emotional that there were children out there still waiting for support from that time. With the help of corporate organisations, we work with at Arthur Ellis who help drive our service, we can see people in days, not months, not years. It is amazing to know that we can immediately begin to have an impact on these children’s lives from day one.

The reason we can provide cost-effective services like this is with the help of our corporate clients who we work with to improve the mental health of their colleagues. Without them we would be another private mental health service with extortionate, continuously increasing prices to cope with demand. The work that we do with corporate clients is beginning to really have a benefit to our one-to-one service and the beneficiaries that it serves.

If you’re an organisation, GP Surgery or school who would like to discuss our services with us, please get in touch.