Accredited Mental Health Training

Hello! Jon here. Got some exciting news…

Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support is experiencing quite rapid growth. Our corporate mental health training is now in 13 areas around the UK and we have sessions booked going into March 2020. Haven’t yet had the chance to go to Ireland yet but that’s okay, I’m not bitter…

Our training has seen some big changes and we are aiming to achieve accreditation by the end of 2019. This will mean that our clients have Accredited Mentors in their businesses who are not only able to signpost people but that can actively support recovery and work with individuals, using evidence-based methods to keep staff well.

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Like I said…exciting times!

In order to meet our clients demands, keep quality high and achieve/maintain accreditation, towards the end of the year, we will be needing to adjust our prices.

So, until then, Arthur Ellis will be providing corporate clients with 20% off our on-site training for both our Employee Emotional Intelligence and Strategies Training and our Mentor Training.

Our award-winning training provides employees with over 90% improvement in emotional intelligence and equips Mentors within your business with the practical tools to support people experiencing mental health issues to develop long terms, healthy ways of working.

To find out more about our training or how we can help, please get in touch or visit