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Arthur Ellis

Jon, our Founder, started Arthur Ellis in 2017 naming it after his Grandfathers. Arthur Manning and Ellis Graham. Ellis suffered with Schizoaffective Disorder. Without anyone knowing how to deal with this enduring illness, Ellis deteriorated to the degree where he spent most of his life in hospital.

When he was 26, Jon was diagnosed with Bipolar following a 20-year battle with mental illness, being passed from service to service, not being able to receive the right support in his personal or professional life. Not because people didn’t want to help but he didn’t know what would help and they didn’t know what would be able to help!

Jon went to a variety of different mental health training courses and talks but they either told him things he already knew or signposted him to the doctors…he had been to see the doctor’s countless times. It didn’t give him anything that would support the long term recovery and management of what he was experiencing.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see a GP and with mental health referrals increasing by 300% in some areas of the country, seeing a mental health practitioner is even more difficult with people needing to wait for up to 2 years in some cases.

Arthur Ellis was set up to train the nation how to directly manage mental ill health, how to help ourselves, our loved ones and those we work with in such a way that focuses on what keeps you well, healthy and mitigates any risk of becoming unwell or ‘relapsing’.

Our mission to ‘train the nation’ is to help us all become more #IndependentFromIllness so we can thrive without the need to rely on getting that appointment immediately or to not need that appointment in the first place!

Jon enjoys sharing his story by speaking at a variety of events with some wonderful organisations, if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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